Time Out Above Sölden – Sky Pool & Sauna

Grander Water

The water in our indoor pool at the Hotel Bergland has been energised using the Grander technique, so it is no wonder that guests leave the Sky Spa feeling refreshed and revitalised!

As well as a large indoor pool the Sky Spa also hasa heated open-air whirlpool.

relax in the hotel with rooftop pool


The Bergland’s summer highligh: High-end outdoor pool with turquoise-blue water and a unique mountain scenery.


Studies have shown that regular visits to the sauna are good for the body's immune system and remove toxins – so why not pay a visit to the sauna area in our Sky SPA during your next holiday at the Hotel Bergland? 

  • Finnish sauna: hot sauna (90° – 100°) for a short, sharp sweat.

  • Biosauna: relaxing music and moderate temperature (55°).

  • Clothed sauna: specially for our international guests who do not wish to sauna in the nude.

  • Steam room: essential oils clear the airways at a gentle temperature of 50° with high humidity.

Grander water, fruit tea and a selection of dried fruits and nuts are available in the sauna area.


hotel with bio sauna in Sölden

After sweating it out in one of the Sky Spa's saunas, why not withdraw to the chillout room? Hay-filled beds and heated stone recliners invite you to drift off and forget any worries as you watch the flames of the open fire gently flicker.

There is also an outdoor area and terrace with fine views of the many mountains over 3,000 metres at the end of the Ötztal Valley.

relaxation room wellness holiday in the Ötztal

"Our greatest experiences are not our loudest but our quietest moments." (Nietzsche)