bees regional honey in the Bergland

Fresh, healthy, conscious – Regional 200

We, the Grüner‘s, have long ago decided to switch over to a more sustainable, green future – according to our motto „Grüner goes greener“. Local food is fresher and more nutritious: through our long-term relationship with local suppliers and farmers of the region, we can standing offer a variety of aromatic, genuine food and products. The „Regional-200“- badge is our guarantee for products which come from local organic farming, sustainable and respectful of the environment produced and processed within a 200 km radius.

Due to our location we can achieve the best products from 4 countries: Austria, Italy, Swizerland and Germany.

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"Der Genuss mit regionalen Lebensmitteln inspiriert unsere Gäste Neues auszuprobieren."

Local food that´s what we love

  • Carrotes, celery, leek, cabbage, savoy,... Josef Norz, vegetable farmer from Kematen near Innsbruck 
  • Apples and pears Rauch family from Roppen
  • Char, trout, smoked fish and fresh water fish Mrak family from Längenfeld
  • Milk and yoghurt Brüggler family from Huben near Längenfeld
  • Honey Klotz family from Längenfeld
  • Ewe´s milk cheese Larcher family from Roppen
  • Meat Fleischhof Oberland from Imst

Where can you find Regional200 in our hotel?


    In our kitchen

    Vegetables, fruits, fish, milk, yoghurt, honey, meat and many more come from local organic farming. Convince yourself and take a look at our daily changing menu!


    In our wine cellar

    Enjoy great organic wines from south tyrolean wine makers. For example: Weingut Loacker in Bozen, Tröpfeltalhof in Kaltern am See, Kellerei Sankt Michael in Eppan, ...

    In our Sky Spa

    We pamper you with hiqh quality natural organic cosmetics from Pitztal: stone pine-arnica lotion, arnica-salt-peeling, Zeolith-powder, mountain herbs mud pack, …

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    The own agriculture of the hosts 

    Your host, Sigi Grüner, is a member of the Austrian Sheep Breeding Association and a farmer who loves his flock of mountain sheep

    On average there are 25 sheep and 40 to 50 lambs grazing on the high pastures around the Hotel Bergland. The love and care given to our sheep has been recognised with a number of awards and prizes.

    In 2016, for example, the Hotel Bergland's farm was one of just two sheep farms in Tyrol to be awarded the Innovation Prize by the Austrian Sheep Breeding Association.

    Bewusst Tirol Award

    We are proud to receive another award of “BEWUSST TIROL 2019”. “Bewusst Tirol” is a great project which supports the cooperation between tourism and local farmers. Because only the best food is good enough for our animals and this is what all those high-quality products stand out for: caring and respecting nature and it´s residents to get the best out of it for locals and of course for our guest.

    host Sigi Grüner