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„Bewusst Tirol"

For many years our chefs have a passion for local recipes and local ingredients and we are proud to receive another award “BEWUSST TIROL 2019”.

All natural and sustainable

Our farmers pay attention to maintain our beautiful Austrian landscape with all the grassland and fields the best they can. High quality dairy and meat products can only be won out of fresh grass and herbs, spring water and for sure hand-cut hay.

Because only the best food is good enough for our animals and this is what all those high-quality products stand out for: caring and respecting nature and it´s residents to get the best out of it for locals and of course for our guest.

“Bewusst Tirol” is a great project which supports the cooperation between tourism and local farmers and we are proud to receive another award “BEWUSST TIROL 2018”.

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winter hotel

Air and lights, unbearable lightness, mountain stone for a powerful finesse-rich design which ensure cozy hospitality.
Oiled oak wood flooring, larch or stone pine furnitures, organic materials carpets creating a dreamy retreat.
A magnificent view over the surrounding peaks as highlight".

Awarded with
1 Falstaff Fork 

Enjoyment has the highest priority in our gourmet restaurant 'black sheep'. Therefore, we are very pleased to have been awarded with

'1 Falstaff Fork in the Falstaff Restaurant & Inn Guide 2021'.

Join us on a culinary journey and enjoy a five to seven course menu in the gourmet restaurant 'black sheep'. Savour local produce, authentic cuisine and a fine drop of wine to end the day. 

We invite you to a peaceful moment in our 'black sheep' restaurant and look forward to welcoming you soon.


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Awarded with
5.6 out of 6 points

We are proud to have achieved 5.6 out of 6 points with Holiday Check.

We are always delighted to hear that guests enjoy staying with us at Hotel Bergland and cherish every little moment. There is hardly a greater compliment for us. 

Thank you that you always take your time to write a review for us. See you soon in Sölden for another unforgettable holiday!

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