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Bike Republic Sölden

Let the adrenaline kick in! There are some breathtaking biking options for downhillers and Enduro bikers around our hotel in Sölden
Numerous Single Trails, all part of the special "Bike Republic", pose unique challenges to mountain bikers oriented on downhill paths.  
Look forward to pump tracks, northshore elements, ramps, jumps, lines, mountain huts and lots more.
In brief: perfect for downhillers!

To Bike offers

Bike Republic
  • Signature trails from the world´s finest trail designers
  • 95 km trails & lines in the final expansion phase
  • More than 30 mountain restaurants/mountain huts
  • Zaahe Line – Jumpline with 0.7 km & 78 altitude diff.
  • Eebme Line – 2.2 km & 191 altitude diff.
  • Ohn Line – 3.8 km & 377 altitude diff.
  • Harbe Line – 2.2 km & 187 altitude diff.
  • Ollweite Line – 6.9 km & 720 altitude diff.
  • Lettn Line – 1.3 km & 127 altitude diff.
  • Broate Line – 1.6 km & 181 altitude diff.
  • Use the Ötztal Inside Summer Card for all summer cable car transport
  • Bike Shuttle - use all types of public transport with the Ötztal Inside Summer Card
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Exploring the area

In addition to the 51 km lines in the final expansion phase, Bike Republic Sölden also has 15 (nature) trails with a total 30 kilometres, showing you the valley´s flora and fauna.

Mount your Enduro bike and pedal along unspoiled paths for unforgettable moments, including gorgeous scenery, traditional cold platters, "well-deserved" aching arms and a regeneration programme with the Sky Spa and delicious culinary treats.

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Leiterberg Trail

Juror Lisi Hager described the Leiterberg Trail,  one of the five "Great Trails" in the Tyrol, as a "very interesting trail through meadows, forests and cliffs, of a rewarding length, with strenuous and relaxing stretches at regular intervals".4.5 km total downhill action with 550 m altitude difference.